I am Manish V. I am a photographer from Delta City – suburbs of Vancouver – British Columbia. Purpose of this site is to share some of my memories captured as images.

I am fortunate to have used all major brands of cameras, and lenses including Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony (in alphabetic order). I got this opportunity thanks to being engaged to capture event’s for companies using gears provided by event management company’s.

Brands I personally own are primarily Canon, and Olympus. I love the gear part of photography just as much as the artistic aspect of photography. These days though inclining less on gear and more on photoshoot. The Canon RF cameras and lenses perform exceedingly well and I simply can’t justify upgrading the hardware as frequently as before.

If I were to start brand new, would be full-frame, and probably a hot tie between Canon RF and Sony FE for me personally. Having got opportunity to shoot a lot of Sony gear recently, my bottom line is indeed the Sony FE system has matured and is robust. Canon has a good lineup of RF lenses for the practical photographer and the catalog grows with each passing day. The 14-35, 24-70, 100-500 are stellar lenses (which I own). The RF 70-200 (2.8 and 4) lenses and 50mm 1.2 and 85mm 1.2 which while I personally don’t own, I have had the opportunity to use these and these are stunningly good lenses. I own the budget lens RF 35, 50 and 85 mm lenses. When I travel overseas, in my bag you will always find the R6, 14-35, 50, and 100-500mm and a flash. This combination allows me to capture all the photographic situation I usually encounter during my travels. Why 50mm 1.8 you may ask? Simply cause it is so compact and light weight. Ideally if the 85mm was as compact, 85mm is what I would have carried. However 50 vs 85 is a topic which is heatedly debated in photography world. For me 50mm cause it is so light and tiny and yet performs to my full satisfaction. In short – the Canon RF system works and works well -period. Not to mention the support for the EF lenses lens lineup with EF-RF adaptor from Canon. I have sold my EF lenses and moved to RF more or less completely. The only EF lenses I have kept are the EF 70-300 L, and EF 50mm f1.4 and this is because I have the EF-M system cameras (M6-II) and lenses. If you love third party lenses – then Sony would be an easy recommend as they have opened their mount to 3rd party companies and have a pretty mature and established lens line up. At this time, if you are starting new, in my opinion either of these two system should serve you well.

Thank you for visiting my website.